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Google AdWords™ Management;

The best alternative to costly or impossible organic SEO success.
No matter what your budget, you can display your ads on Page #1 of Google... all within 48Hrs. Once your ad has been created you only pay if people click on your ads!
Using Google AdWords™ PPC advertising, you can quickly drive targeted visitor traffic to your site through Google Search™, Google Places™ and YouTube. These competitively priced leads are then ready to convert into sales.
Our expertise in providing a range of affordable services through Google AdWords™ and Google Display Networks will help you get better results from your pay per click advertising campaigns. All our services are supported by broader experience in SEO, Web Site Design and Online Marketing Strategies.

Google Ad Words Management Service

* Setup of Google AdWords™ campaigns and AdGroups.
* Keyword research for related words and phrases as well as estimate cost per click.
* Creating text Ads which will be displayed in the Google content network.
* Set up conversion tracking scripts to monitor each keywords performance.
* Weekly monitoring of keyword performance, cost per click and display position of your ad.
* Fine tuning of Ads and associated settings.
* Establishing which PPC Keywords are converting into actual enquiries or sales leads.

Personal advice, help and support when you need it, at an affordable price.

Once Off AdWords™ Campaign set up fee of R 425 per campaign. No set up fee for repeated campaigns.

Campaign Management fee of R 425 per Campaign period or if greater 10% of your Google AdWords™ campaign budget.

We will provide expert management of your AdWords™ account. This includes live research for related keywords and phrases, management of bids, keywords and required amendments through out the month. We are also able to track pay per click keyword conversions to establish the most profitable keyword or phrase.

Minimum management fee, R 250 per month per adword campaign*.
*A Google AdWords Campaign is a non interrupted time period of no longer than one month. Interupted campaigns will be subject to a minimum administrative fee of R 250

Here's a sample timeline of events as we plan your Google AdWords™ Campaign.

1 Define marketing objectives and budget.
Day 1
2 Deliver a written proposal, including sample ads, keywords and daily budget options.
Day 2
3 Client approval and transfer of Fee's along with the Google AdWords™ budget
Day 3
4 Launch Google AdWords™ campaign.
Day 4
5 Set up the Google AdWords™ conversion tracking tool and reporting tools to monitor the performance of your ads.
Day 4
6 Monitoring and modifications as required to meet advertising objectives while identifying your best opportunity with Google AdWords™ to increase your return on investment (ROI)
7 Feedback accompanied with official Google AdWords™ Performance Statistics.
End Date

Don't delay in getting the returns from well run Ad Words account management. Save time, and get your new Ad Words account set up and operating effectively from day one.

Should you wish us to manage and report on what happens with the increased traffic being sent to your website from your Google AdWords™ campaign please consider our Website Management Service option.

To make an enquiry simply send an email to with your details and let us prove our service commitment.

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