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The Website SEO Management Necessity.
    1. BETTER search engine visibility
    2. IMPROVED search engine results
The SEO Management Advantage:

An effective website takes a lot of hard work and time to maintain and update, this is where our SEO Management services comes in. Your website is the initial foot in the door, ensuring your selected keywords gain higher search engine positioning and improving there exposure will make your website a profitable part of your business.

Understanding and comprehending the full value to be gained by getting all the complex online marketing aspects correct, we offer a full specialized seo management service.

All we need from you is a list of 5 relevant keywords or phrases. We will do our SEO magic to give you better search engine performance.

Initial once off setup to get things started on the right foot.
  1. Setting up of traffic tracking scripts on all current webpages.
  2. Initial search engine performance report on given keywords or phrases.
  3. Rework of code structure and basic search engine optimisation of your website.
  4. Correction to existing content that you have just not got around to.
  5. Image manipulation, image search optimisation and uploading.
  6. Work is guaranteed to be search engine friendly.
  7. Once off setup fee, R 1 200.00 (5 page website) + additional pages at R 200 each for static websites. For dynamic database driven website templates R 1 800.00 (5 template website) + additional static pages at R 200 each.
  1. Additional Search Engine Optimization if needed.

    1. Content is King!
    2. Without relevant search content you have absolutely no chance of a successful search engine marketing strategy.
    3. We will do the research and create search engine optimised content for any particular subject or category you require as a paragraph on a service listing page at R 125 per paragraph.
    4. Alternatively the better search engine optimisation option is to create search engine optimised content for any particular subject or category you require as a separate subject page at R 375 per additional subject page including the research as required.
    5. Social Media Networking!
      Not only is Social Media is the fastest way to ensure search engines index your website and its updates promptly but its the most cost effective way to spread product and service news across the web.
SEO Management Monthly Benefits:
  1. A one hour SEO session to apply required search engine optimisation strategy changes.
  2. Monthly independent analysis report of your website's performance with in depth traffic detail. This simply lets you see if we are living up to our bold claims or not.
  3. Monthly independent analysis of your selected keywords search engine positioning in Google.
  4. Fine tuning of website performance to improve number of targeted visitors.
  5. Utilizing Google's enterprise-class web analytics solution we gain valuable insight into your website traffic and our marketing effectiveness.
  6. Free updating of existing content to keep your website current.
  7. Guaranteed turnaround time.
  8. All for a fixed Monthly budget of R 250 a month for 12 months.
  9. Include our Google Adwords Management at an additional R 100 per Ad Group.
Money Back Guarantee:

If we are not able to improve your search engine visibility over each three month phase, we will refund you three months subscriptions.
(Terms & Conditions)

STOP paying a small fortune every time you need to make minor changes to your website. Our affordable seo management service for a fixed monthly fee of R 250 and prompt turn around time will take care of your online marketing strategy while you do what you do best.

Here's a sample timeline of events as we implement your SEO Management Service.

Consultation with client to define websites targeted market place.
Day 1
Deliver a written agreement and invoice for initial setup.
Day 2
Download a copy of the original website design and save. Setup analytics and implement tracking codes within the original website.
Day 4
Offline : Optimisation of all original website pages and images.
Day 5 ~ 10
Deliver feedback report from analytics installed for original website.
Day 11
Upload optimised version of the website.
Day 12
During the first month we will promote your website through to more than 20 search engine robots / crawlers.
Day 15 ~ 30
Feedback accompanied with an official Google Analytics Performance Report detailing what webpages have been indexed (recorded by search engine robot crawlers) What keywords are performing and what needs further fine tuning of search engine optimisation.
Day 30 / 31
During the entire contract period monitoring and modifications as required will take place to improve each selected keywords search engine visibility. At the end of each 30 day cycle a summary will be delivered. At the end of each 120 day cycle a full detailed report along with an official Google Analytics Performance Report will be delivered.

Don't delay in getting the returns from a well search engine optimised website. Save time and give your website a new start now.

Please also enquire about our Email Handling service for filtering through spam and junk mail for genuine enquiries, making the initial response and ensuring the enquiry is handled as required.

To make an enquiry simply send an email to with your details and let us prove our service commitment.

NOTE : This fee is based on your allowance of a foot note detailing our services.

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